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November 18, 2010

BCS External List Error – The username returned by the Secure Store Provider is not of the form ‘Domain\user’

Wow, has it been a while since I last blogged.  But now that SharePoint 2010 deployments are in full swing, I expect to be getting back into the blog swing of things.  So on to my first 2010 post regarding an error I ran into this evening when setting up an External List using BCS.  Essentially I wanted to allow CRUD operations against a SQL database – nice simple implementation to start things off.  I went through and successfully created by Secure Store Provider Service Application, setup the external content type within SharePoint Designer, and then created the External List through the web UI and specified by new external content type: 

I then granted rights to this new cType in Central Admin because I was getting the ‘Access denied by Business Data Connectivity’ error.  This error went away, but then came the following:

The username returned by the Secure Store Provider in not of the form ‘Domain\User’.

So in usual fashion, I put this line into Google and found one post that mentioned an iisreset fixing this error.  Tried that, no go.  Thinking cap on… and then it hit me… when I specified my username for the Secure Store Service Application via the Set Credentials link:

In the username field I had specified the AD account name, but not the domain name:

So in the end, it was something simple – just make sure to include your DOMAIN\username when specifying an AD account in the credentials for your Secure Store Target Application.  Hopefully this saves someone a bit of time and some hair.  Enjoy 2010!


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