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June 13, 2006

Kicking Off the Blog…

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Well it's about time that I finally kick off my blog, and what a time to do it – right in the middle of Microsoft's TechEd 2006 in Boston.  Obviously from my blog title, you can get a good sense of what I'll be blogging about – just about everything I do with Microsoft products and how my team uses them to solve the unique challenges our clients present. In addition, on occassion I'll be blogging about some of the situations I encounter being a business guy in the ever-changing field of IT-Consulting.

To kick things off, I think it's best to provide you with some background about who I am, and why you may feel inclined to read my posts. My name is Chris Regan and I am a partner in B&R Business Solutions, LLC, a Central-New Jersey based IT-Consulting firm that specializes in Microsoft-based solutions. My partner Pat & I originally started the business back in February of 2002 as a sort of hobby… we were both interested in providing small businesses with custom-developed applications (primarily built around Microsoft Access 2000) that could help them work more effectively and efficiently, however, we did this work on the side – while we both worked full-time jobs. After working on these types or projects on the side for two years, we realized that Microsoft was a wave that we had to catch… everyone wanted to implement Microsoft-based solutions (and I'm not just talking about Access 2000.)  So in 2004 we hired two individuals to work with us on 'everything MS' – Office 2003, SharePoint Portal Server, SMS, MOM, Live Communication Server, Windows Server 2000 & 2003, Exchange, Project Server, Rights Management Services, etc. We threw both of these guys into the fire, and they learned – quickly! After about 3 months we lost one of the guys, but the other – who many of you probably know – Jason Medero – stayed with us and became obsessed (in a great way) with SharePoint Portal Server 2003.  Not only did he become our go-to SharePoint guru, but he quickly became a SPS/WSS Mentor on MSD2D.com and a frequent SPS blogger (check his blog out on my blogroll).

Within the past year, we have taken B&R from a part-time hobby to a full-time professional services organization. We have a number of very large clients across the world and we keep growing. We also have the most talented team of SPS & .NET developers working with us, as there is no problem these guys can't solve. Our motto at B&R is 'Unique Challenges. Innovative Solutions.' – Because it is our firm belief that for every challenge businesses face, there is an abundance of generic solutions any firm can provide – but with B&R – we provide different, unique solutions that show that we think out of the box… we're not here just to make a quick buck off our clients – we want to prove that we are the group to go-to every time because we're not just going to throw out any-old solution… we're going to provide realistic, cost-effective, smart solutions that will work today – and tomorrow.

Well, enough about the business and our beliefs…. you are still probably asking "Who is this guy."  I am a graduate of The College of New Jersey (aka "TCNJ" or "Trenton State College") with a BS in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I originally was going to go for my PhD in molecular genetics, but due to a crazy twist of fate, I ended up where I am today. I had the great opportunity to work for one of the world's largest privately-held pharmaceutical marketing companies for 4 years right out of college. During those 4 years, I worked with an incredibly dedicated, very small team to build out an infrastructure that went from 3 Dell servers (2 NT 4.0 / 1 Netware) into a world-class datacenter with over 75 IBM xSeries servers, a SAN & a fully-redundant networking infrastructure. We implemented every Microsoft product under the sun and in less than 2 months consolidated 11 completely separate AD domains & Exchange organizations down to 1 domain & 1 Exchange org.  As my blog title mentions – I am a jack of all Microsoft products – especially Windows Server 2000 & 2003, Active Directory Services, Exchange Server 2003, LCS 2003 & 2005, SQL 2000 & 2005, SPS 2003, RMS, InfoPath, Virtual Server, Office 2003, Microsoft Business Solutions – Great Plains (now Dynamics)… just to name a few… but a master of none. I am a Microsoft Business Solutions Certified Professional & a Microsoft Certified Professional. In addition, I am also very familiar with Citrix, the Fortinet Fortigate line of firewalls & I have a passion for IBM xSeries servers. Combing all of what I know together, I believe I have enough knowledge to provide my clients with a broad range of solutions and insight… in addition, I'm not scared of trying the bleeding edge of technology – I think it's exciting to be one step ahead of everyone, as it helps to plan for the future.

Well, I am exhausted – my first 'full day' here at TechEd has been a very long, but very exciting and informative one. I hope that tomorrow I will be able to blog about it a bit.


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